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Let help you “get the word out.” Interns & Co-Ops need affordable temporary housing, and provides the solution. This online resource is free to Interns & Co-Ops, as their employers subscribe to the service for them. You can help your students by making sure the employers visiting your campus get information about Use this page to download material for distribution at Career Fairs and other venues where employers and students get together. Use the Alumni Handout to share with school alumni how they can help connect interns with local housing. Many Alumni were interns themselves and understand the special challenge interns face finding affordable temporary housing.

What some interns have to say:

"Simply put: it makes finding a place to stay a piece of cake”

“The process was great! I am still friends with my 2 other roommates.
I also got my apartment through your service. It ended up being one of
the better places compared to other HP interns.”

” Streamlined the process, very quick and easy, an EXCELLENT

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